HP-3586B Selective Level Meter
(HF Receiver)

The HP-3586B, while labeled as a Selective Level Meter, is really a very sophisticated hf receiver with an original cost of nearly $12,000 in 1992. This is not your every day long/short wave bang box but a very sensitive and selective receiver displaying the frequency of interest in digital format to a resolution of 1Hz. I've listed some of the functions and features in a tabular format in order to keep it simple. Without at least an Operating Manual you'll never be able to appreciate the full potentional of the SLM. Audio output is through a small speaker located in the bottom right corner and is NOT very good. Eventually we'll change it to something else. Go to the next page to really begin having fun.


The '3586C' is considered a 'general coverage'  type and won't have options 001or 003 (see below).

Last Update: 09/28/2007 mmvii